Tax & Accounting Services for Businesses

Business Services


In business, cash flow is critical. So, reducing the outflows from small business taxes can have a substantial effect on your bottom line. At Busenbark Wright CPA LLC, we can create a multi-year plan to reduce individual or corporate taxes to increase your cash flow.


Also important to you is business succession planning. We work with you to come up with an effective exit strategy so that you get to keep as much of the value you have built up after taxes as possible.


If you are passing the business on to a relative, we can work with you to make sure that the tax effect is limited and each party to the transaction gets the best possible tax outcome possible under the current income tax laws.


The complexity of the tax code requires any business that wants to be in compliance with the law to use a professional. At Busenbark Wright CPA LLC, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle the most complex business tax returns. Whether you are a self-employed sole proprietor, partnership, C or S corporation, or exempt organization, we will make sure that not only are you compliant with the law, but you are effectively utilizing all the tax savings opportunities possible.


The choice of entity in which you organize your business has a major effect on how much tax you will pay. Let us at Busenbark Wright CPA LLC walk you through the options, give you our opinion based on your specific needs and liability considerations so that you can make an informed decision.


At Busenbark Wright CPA LLC, we provide the expertise of business accounting and payroll services so that our clients can focus on running their business. We can keep the books for you so that you will have regular access to up-to-date financial information including who owes you money and what bills you need to pay.


Whether you are the only employee at your business or there are 100 employees, we can calculate the paycheck for each employee and even print the checks if need be. We will also prepare all required returns and W-2s.


Rely on us so that you don’t have to worry about payroll regulations, including tax withholdings and changing payroll tax rates, or keeping up with your bookkeeping. Just use the financial information we can provide to effectively manage your business without the headaches.


Use Busenbark Wright CPA LLC to prepare financial statements for your business. We offer compilation and review services for any business. Whether you need financial statements to meet loan covenants or to have a better understanding of your business results, we can deliver on the service you need and expect.


No one likes a tax audit. That is a universal truth. We at Busenbark Wright CPA LLC have the experience to walk you through the situation. We represent you with the IRS so you may not have to even meet an IRS agent. We use our knowledge of the process and of the income tax laws to avoid pitfalls and to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Industry Expertise


With decades of construction industry experience to rely on, we can help you to use the highly specialized construction tax code to lower your overall tax rates to manage your tax liability and control your cash flow. We can also provide compilation and review services you need to report your financial results to creditors and bonding companies.


Whether you are a farmer, rancher, or another agribusiness, we have the experience and knowledge to help you reduce your tax liability, thereby increasing the cash flows from your business. Utilizing the specialized aspects of the tax law for agriculture businesses, we will use our knowledge of the income tax laws and experience to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. When it is time to turn the farm or agricultural business over to the next generation, we will work with you step by step to make sure your taxes are minimized as you retire, and your successor has the tax and farm accounting support needed to keep the farm going for the next 30, 40, or 100 years.

Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is the essence of a boom and bust business. Let us help you manage your cash flow and minimize your taxes during the highs and lows in the oil patch. We have the knowledge and experience to effectively use the depletion and intangible drilling costs deductions to help smooth out the swings in your tax liability and lower the overall tax rate you pay over time.

Real Estate

We have a wealth of experience helping our clients when it comes to real estate ownership and transactions. Whether you are flipping houses or renting them, we can help you make sure that taxes are minimized and not a burden to cash flow. Also, when it is time to sell a property we can advise you on how to properly complete 1031 exchange transactions so that selling/trading real estate can be done tax-free.


Doctors and dentists have enough regulations to worry about without adding taxes to the list. At Busenbark Wright CPA LLC, we partner with our clients in the healthcare profession to provide up-to-date tax advice to lower the amount of tax that you pay over your career to the minimum allowable. We also help our dental and medical practice clients fund retirement plans through the most effective tax deferred vehicles available for their respective situation. And when it is time to exit the practice, we are there to provide competent and timely advice so that you can extract the value you have built up over the years in the most tax efficient way possible.


Retail is an extremely tough, competitive business. Partner with us to make sure you are squeezing every bit of savings out of the tax law. Retail operations have several tax benefits offered to them. Make sure you are utilizing them to increase your cash flow.


Manufacturing businesses are competing on a global scale, even the small ones. Partner with Busenbark Wright CPA LLC to navigate you through the regulatory environment with competent advice on tax strategy and to fulfill your financial reporting needs.