Tax & Accounting Services for Individuals

Tax Planning & Strategy

Being able to reduce your tax burden is not something that happens just once a year on the tax return. Tax planning is a multi-year approach to managing your income, tax deductions, and tax credits to get your tax liability to the lowest possible outcome. At Busenbark Wright CPA LLC, we go beyond tax compliance to proactively recommend tax savings strategies to minimize what you have to pay and maximize what you keep.

Income Tax Preparation

From the extremely complex multi-state returns to simple tax forms, Busenbark Wright CPA LLC can serve your needs. Even if you work out of the country we have the knowledge and experience to prepare your federal income tax and state income tax returns. We are constantly keeping up-to-date on the ever-changing tax laws to avoid tax pitfalls, and maximize opportunities to save you money.


Whether you need your personal tax return, a trust tax return, estate tax return, or gift tax return filed, we can provide the knowledge and service you need to stay in compliance while paying as little tax as the law allows.

Retirement / Social Security

Choosing the right way to take social security can add or subtract thousands of dollars from your total lifetime payout. Filing your social security application at 62, 70, or somewhere in between is a matter of need, desires, and having the right information beforehand. We can analyze your situation based on your plans to give you the optimal payout scenarios so that you feel comfortable about the future.


We can advise you on the optimum way to take your retirement plan assets to minimize income taxes and maximize your pay-out.

Estate & Trusts

There are many factors that go into how your estate should be set up. It is not just giving everything to your family. There are numerous tax questions that need to be considered when deciding how to transfer the assets you worked hard to build. There are also factors that need to be considered to minimize conflict between beneficiaries. Have Busenbark Wright CPA LLC advise you on the many tax dangers and opportunities, as well as coming up with a straight-forward plan to transfer wealth that is fair and practical.

IRS Representation

No one likes a tax audit. That is a universal truth. We at Busenbark Wright CPA LLC have the experience to walk you through the situation. We represent you with the IRS so you may not have to even meet an IRS agent. We use our knowledge of the process and of the income tax laws to avoid pitfalls and resolve the matter as soon as possible.