New Business Tax Return Due Dates For Partnerships and C Corporations

The federal government have changed the due dates for all federal partnership and nearly all C corporation tax returns.  The partnership return due date moves up from April 15th to March 15th.  The due date for C corporation tax return is pushed back from March 15th to April 15 for calendar year filers.  For most fiscal year filers, the C corporation tax return is due the 15th day of the 4th month.  If your fiscal year ends on June 30th of each year your tax return due date does not change until the year 2026.  This is confusing government laws at their best!

Please note the federal S corporation tax return has not changed and is still March 15th.

These new tax laws do not necessarily alter the state filing due dates.  For example, Kansas due dates are exactly the same as they were which will cause some tax filing issues for sure.  You need to check with your particular state.

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Dan Busenbark
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